Pump System Products

Automatic and Manual balancing solutions 

Suction Diffusers

Triple Duty Valves

Flex Connectors

Shot Feeders

Centrifugal Air Separators

Expansion Tanks


Balancing Valves

Automatic Fill

Relief Valves

Pressure Regulators

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Buffer Tanks

Valves – Butterfly, Check, Ball

Solids/Dirt Separator


Glass Acid Waste Piping

Neutralizing Basins

Variable Speed Drives



Motorized/Valves: Butterfly, Globe, Ball

Coalescing Air Eliminators

Coalescing Dirt Separators

Spirotherm Youtube Channel

Thompson Strainer

Tubo-Disc Skid Systems

Cooling Tower

Chilled Water

Well & Surface Water

Process Water

Wastewater/Reclaim Water

Municipal Water

Chemical Processing

Food & Beverage

Vibration Isolation Bases

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