Array – Service Manual

Condexa Pro – Service Manual


IOM for Condexa Pro

Service Person Pre-Startup Walk Through

Default Parameters in PDF format

Troubleshooting Guide

BacNet Gateway Instructions

Parts Manual

Contractor Pre Startup Form

Startup Form

CSD-1 Form in Excel format

Owner Training Form

RIELLO Array Boiler

  • One platform, multiple capacities
  • Built in redundancy. Each 500 MBH module is independent and “stand-alone” ensuring continued boiler operation if an adjacent module is turned off or even removed
  • Extremely simple plug & play installation, service & maintenance
  • Dedicated pump for each module eliminates need for boiler circulating pump
  • Standard integrated boiler cascade capability for up to 8 boilers
  • Factory installed flue exhaust damper on each module allows common venting capability of Array boilers in cascade and eliminates off cycle heat loss
  • Heat Exchanger Protection: Control monitors supply and return temperature and prevents heat exchanger from excessive temperature rise
  • Standard integrated boiler freeze protection