Wilo Select 4

On-Line Pump Selection

Find the Most Efficient Pump

Compare Standard & ECM Pumps

Wilo-Select 4 online is an intuitive and transparent tool that allows you to compare, select and configure the pumps you need. In four steps you will find the optimal solution for your application.  You will also be able to create accurate cost calculations and tender texts in no time at all - for maximum efficiency!

Special Features

& Product Benefits

  • World’s first high-efficiency commercial circulator with ECM Technolgy (Electrically Commutated Motor)
  • Wilo’s ECM Technology on the market since 1988
  • Built-in Variable Speed Drive programmable circulator
  • Built-in Pump Controls: Pressure Constant, Pressure Variant, Temperature Variant, Constant Speed, Automatic Night Setback
  • Interface Devices: Modbus, LONworks, BACnet, 0-10 V DC Control, Dual Pump Operation (DP), External Off Control
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GIGA Series: Blair High School

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GIGA and Stratos

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Stainless Steel Domestic

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Modulating Zones

Wilo is built to ISO 9001 and Incorporates ISO 5199

For Higher Standards

Design Applications

  • Hot Water Heating Systems
  • Domestic Water Recirculation
  • Industrial Circulation
  • Closed Cooling Circuits
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Solar
  • Geothermal