Getting the Most Out of a Dedicated Outdoor Air System

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Sales Brochure: 15-110
AtherionTM Spec Sheet: MCP15-111
Modine Controls System: 80-162
I&S Manual: MCP15-500
Specifications Summary, Model MRP/ERM: 15-112
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The Atherion provides many features:

  • Now available in two cabinet sizes – 7 to 15 tons and 15 to 30 tons, with optional energy recovery
  • Designed to meet latest ASHRAE 189.1 and 62.1 standards for IEER efficiency, green building and indoor air quality
  • Modine Controls System – factory designed, programmed and installed integrated controls system standard on all units and a modulating hot gas reheat coil
  • Integrates Modine’s proven PF™ microchannel condenser technology
  • Higher IAQ with up to 100% outside air ventilation
  • Heating Efficiency – Only the Atherion offers a gas fired heating option up to 94% efficiency thanks to the proven Conservicore® Technology
  • Best-in-class MERV16 filtration
  • Cooling/Dehumidification Efficiency – Refrigeration circuit includes modulating tandem digital scroll compressors, PF™ microchannel condenser coils, variable speed condenser fan, head pressure controls and a modulating hot gas reheat coil

Published on Jun 3, 2015

Rite Engineering, a CNC shop in Franksville, WI, had some problems. Their existing ventilation system only brought in unconditioned make-up air. This resulted in a number of negative effects, such as an overheated shop floor on hot days which forced them to shut down, employee discomfort and overall poor IAQ.

See how Modine’s Atherion dedicated outdoor air system helped improve the conditions at Rite Engineering.

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