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High Efficiency Coalescing Separators

Selection Guideline

Proper selection of air and dirt separators is always based upon system flow with pipe size as a minimum. Peak efficiency can only be reached when selecting based upon GPM flow in accordance with any manufacturer’s published data. Click Here to select the proper Spirovent Combination Unit in both our standard and HV models.

Removable Bolted Head Discussion

If you have a system that is inherently dirty, you might need an air/dirt separator with a removable head.  This will facilitate the removal of the internal Spirotube bundle for inspection and cleaning.

One of the main items to determine is if this should be located on the bottom or the top of the unit.  Most applications will require this to be on the bottom.  For more information about this, CLICK HERE

When It Comes To Efficiency

What’s Important to You?

100% Free Air Removal

100% Entrained Air Removal

99.6% of Dissolved Air Removed

Dirt removal Down to 5 Microns

Repeatable Test Performance

Fully Tested to 4ml/l.

Backed by Dependable Testing

Custom Units Available

Used for Multiple Applications

Reduces Maintenance

Increase Equipment Life

3 Year Warranty


Spirotherm Free Air Efficiency


Entrained Air Efficiency


99.6% of Dissolved Air