Providing Longevity, Reliability, & Efficiency

Engineering Boilers Since 1936.

Three Pass and Vertical Firetube Boilers

Great Reasons To Choose The Aldrich Boiler:
  1. Aldrich has been engineering and manufacturing boilers Since 1936.
  2. Steel Fire Tube with a track record of long life.
  3. Inventor of the “Scotch Box” Design and “U-Type” Flex Joint
  4. Highest efficiency in design category
  5. Multiple burner options.  Standard and High efficiency burner options
  6. Gas, oil and combination gas/oil options
  7. Forgiving and Repairable
  8. Horizontal and vertical options
  9. Many options and sizes to choose from.  Customization.
  10. ECM high efficiency pump options for water boilers
  11. Great company that stands behind their product



Items To Consider When Specifying the Aldrich Boiler

High Efficiency Pumps, Burners & Auxiliary Equipment

High Efficiency Pumps

  • Maintain Constant Delta T.
  • Maintain Constant Flow

Learn About the Riello Burner

  • 5:1 High Turndown
  • Multi-Point Cam
  • Linkage-less Controls
  • Low O2 Ratings

Standard Burner Options

  • Linkage-Less
  • Gas, Oil, Gas/Oil
  • High Turndown
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Air Density Controls

Optional Equipment

Aldrich Company

Aldrich Company has been designing, engineering and manufacturing boilers and water heaters since 1936. All of our boilers and water heaters are constructed, stamped and tested to Section IV of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
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Existing Kewanee Steam Boilers

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15 PSI Steam Boilers

and AVW Water Boilers

Butler County Hospital

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Lincoln Financial Group

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Lincoln Financial Group - After

AVR Series

Water Boilers

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Steam Boilers - Before

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High Efficiency Burners

Aldrich Water Boilers

Linkage-less Controls

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St. Bernadette Church - Before

Existing Kewanee Boilers

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St. Bernadette Church - After

Aldrich Water Boilers - 86% Efficiency

High Turndown Burners

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Central Presbyterian Church

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Central Presbyterian Church

Aldrich Steam Boiler

Bock Water Heater

Shipco Boiler Feed

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Aldrich AVW Series

Lund Company - After

Replaced Single Kewanee Boiler

B.G. Peterson Company

2966 Harney Street

Omaha, NE  68131

P: 402-344-4311

F: 402-344-4314


Nebraska & Iowa

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