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When It Comes To Efficiency, What's Important To You?


Our Capabilities


  • Training & Presentations

  • Equipment Selection, Sizing & Design

  • Complete Boiler Plants

  • Boiler Plant Control Strategies

  • High Pressure Steam Boilers

  • Burners:  Gas, Oil, Digester, High Turndown

  • Blowdown Systems, Feedwater Systems

  • Flue Heat Recovery

  • Deaerators and Surge Systems


  • Exhaust and Make Up Air Systems, Economizers

  • Steam System Supply, Steam Control at Point of Use

  • Condensate Removal, Flash Recovery and Condensate Transfer

  • Direct Contact Water Heating Systems

  • High Efficiency Pump Systems Including ECM Technology

  • Booster, Heat Transfer Packages, Sump & Sewage

  • Roof Top Ventilation

  • Commercial, Industrial and Waste Water Fans

We Strive To Achieve, So You Can As Well

Right Solutions

Each situation represents a unique issue or challenge that needs to be addressed.  At B.G. Peterson Company, we understand there are many answers that may meet those issues. But it is our goal to go after the right solution for your specific situation. We want you to end up with not only the best, but the right solution for you.


Quality Products

When it comes to finding products to meet your needs, there are a lot of options on the market. As is true in any industry, some products are better than others. At B.G. Peterson Company, we only represent top of the line products that are high in quality. We have hand picked products based on efficiency, designs, systems and many other qualifications. When you work with  us, you can rest assured that you are receiving information on only quality products that fit your specific needs.

Trusted People

There are plenty of companies that tell you what you want to hear just to get your business, but B.G. Peterson Company is filled with people you can truly trust. Our employees are trained & knowledgeable individuals that will tell you what you need to hear. They offer training and presentations on all of the products they represent so that you can walk away with every piece of information you need in order to make informed decision.

Providing You Solutions, It's What We Enjoy Doing!

Since 1936